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Meet Jasmine Cain. She rocks. Really Rocks.

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I was lucky enough to catch the Jasmine Cain Band last Saturday at Shuckers, a local venue, I had a blast photographing them and hope I get to again someday. With the first notes Jasmine sang she grabbed my attention and gave me goosebumps. When she laughed I swore Janis Joplin had entered the building. Jasmine held the room captive with her powerful voice ranging from melodic sultriness to metal growl and seemed to sing songs from the inside out, making each one intimate. The band interacted comfortably with each other and the audience. My favorite part of the show was during her own composition, “1995”-a powerful, catchy rocker- stopped the song to share a good-natured laugh with the crowd and guitarist Mickey Bradam about his wind-blown hair courtesy of a well-placed stage fan, then picked up the song like they’d never skipped a beat. This is a tight quartet: David Michael Thomas was hypnotic to watch on the keyboards and powerful singer in his own right, Zach Ballard provided steady powerhouse drumming, and Mickey Bradam has a look and style reminiscent of Stevie Ray Vaughan. The Jasmine Cain Band are definitely something to experience live. In fact, here’s the website link so you can check them out!


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